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Search engine optimization and content marketing are the most effective and profitable ways for any company who have a website to generate quality leads, increase organic traffic, and build a brand. I provide SEO services for SaaS, IT, software, and startup companies that help in overall SEO development and revenue growth. I can help you to:


Reach More Potential Customers to Increase Your Revenue With this powerful seo campaign

This performance-based SEO campaign is specifically designed for SaaS, IT, software and startup companies to remain successful over the long term in which using SEO and content marketing can build a brand and profitable business.

In fact, it is actually an SEO and content marketing strategy used by top SaaS companies.

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SEO Work Process

Business Understanding

Business or website analysis is the process in which I understand your business and website, what is it about and how does it work, what values it provides, and more.

Industry / Market Research

Market research refers to gathering information about potential customers, target audience, and market competition. So that an SEO strategy can be created looking at both the customers and the competition.

Keyword Research

In keyword research, I will search for the type of word or sentence that people type in search engines to find products or services related to your niche. So that I can rank your website better in those particular search terms

Technical Optimization

In technical optimization, we work in all the technical areas of your website and everything that needs to be improved is done so that the search engine have no difficulty crawling and indexing.

On-page Optimization

In on-page optimization, I work on the internal parts of your website and everything that needs to be improved is done so that visitors get a good experience.

Content Creation

In content creation, we create content for your target customers as a solution keeping in mind their problems and needs so that you can help them through your business and content.

Content Marketing

In the beginning, it is not enough to just create content, but it is also necessary to deliver the content to the right people, so that the purpose of creating content is fulfilled, and it is through content marketing

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization, all online activities outside of your site to improve rankings, such as creating content that people share as much as possible and would like to refer to our site or pages.


In link building, I work in all internal and external links of your site and I find out how many sites have given links to our competitors, and how we can get links from those sites to our site or pages.

Who Can Get This SEO Service?


You have just launched your website, and you want to rank on some keywords and get organic traffic.

Have no or very little idea about SaaS SEO or if you have the knowledge, but not have enough time to practice and implement it.

Your website does not have so many pages with enough content and backlinks.

Committed to investing, but you do not have a high budget, then you can take my SaaS SEO Services Starter Plan.



You have done all the essential optimizations but have not found any positive results.

You have a mindset about SEO and content marketing and you are doing the basic practices of SEO but not getting the desired results.

Your website ranked on your domain name and some other keywords but from that not getting enough traffic and leads. 

Now you want to rank on some profitable keywords which can give your website more targeted and relevant traffic that converts in sales.

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